D’UVA is a natural beverage, as light as freshly harvested grape. Without preservatives, colourings or aroma, and without added sugar. Be ready to taste it pure or with a mix of herbs, spices, algae, citrus, which complete its organoleptic and nutritional profile.


Our dream as first generation farmers is to produce the best juice in the world. How? Starting from the way in which the land is cultivated, following rules of the organic agriculture, free from chemistry, pesticides, and GMOs.
Choosing the simplicity of a short list of ingredients: grape and cold-pressed fruit only, for their original features and properties to be preserved.

100% RAW

FRESH AND ORGANIC RAW MATERIALS In the countryside, we follow the rules of the organic agriculture. Moreover we develop projects to increase biodiversity in vineyards. An ethical and responsible choice for a better environment and more genuine products.

HIGH PRESSURE PROCESSING AND NO BAKING Cold and high pressure of the HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology, a cold treatment technique, helps to preserve the ingredients, while keeping the original features and properties of the fresh product. The juices are cold-pressed from selected raw materials and are not pasteurized.
Only the authentic taste of fruit and without any process, which could alter its taste and features.

WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR AND PRESERVATIVES As for all the organic products, d’UVA does not contain any colouring or preservative. D’UVA is the authentic taste of grape. Our products are without added sugar and contain only the sugars naturally present in the fruit.

RAW GENERATION Thanks to fresh juices obtained from plants and raw fruits we can provide our cells and human body tissues the elements and the nutritional enzymes they need, in the best way to assimilate and digest them.

VEGAN Following a vegan diet means choosing not to eat meat, fish and their by-products. Our products are 100% vegetable and ideal for those who embrace a vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet.


Forget all the juices you have tried till now.

The Spirulina extract gives this unique colour. This alga gives the juice a vegetal aroma which together with the energy of grape and cinnamon give us new and surprising sensations.

Spirulina is made of more than 50% proteins, it has all the 8 essential amino acids and it is perfect for those who want to integrate their diet with vegetable proteins.

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Its slightly spicy taste, particular, sweet and engaging includes all the aromatic features of its ingredients all from the organic agriculture. A vibrant yellow colour with amber shades.

Turmeric boasts many healing properties and benefits, being one of the most complete spices.

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The entirely cold process, in infusions too, and the 100% organic ingredients enhance its brilliant spicy and citrus character, together with a natural colour really appealing.

Ginger is full of benefits and healing properties, digestive and antioxidant, ideal for recipes and slimming diets.

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The mix between lime juice and Habanero pepper makes this juice energetic, spicy and stimulating. Its pale pink colour is perfect for a summer cocktail.

The chili pepper boasts many beneficial properties.
Therapeutic, slimming nutritional and, it is said, also aphrodisiac functions.

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Our new 100% line has born. Naturally excellent.


Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and Vitaminc C (one pomegranate has almost the 20% of the entire daily requirement of an adult man)


Pomegranate protects your heart: its juice can act as anticoagulant reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis.


Thanks to its antioxidants and vitamins, pomegranate slows down the cellular ageing and reduces hyperpigmentation, age spots and wrinkles.

100 % PURE