Super Ingredients

Natural Anti-cellulite

Detoxifying, draining, vasodilator, it is one of the most effective dietary supplement against cellulite. It avoids the deposit of adipose masses on thighs, legs, hips and buttocks.

Panacea for opaque or defibrated hair

Group B vitamins tie themselves with choline enhancing brightness and tone. The result? Strong and bright hair.

An ally for the new mums

During pregnancy and breastfeeding it gives all the nutritional supplement to the mother and the baby.

Property of the

The dietary supplement of the NASA astronauts

Also known as Arthrospira platensis, it is an edible alga which grows in salt lakes with alkaline waters. It is considered the “food of Gods”, Aztecs and Maya used it widely because it could give rapidly energy and increasing resistance capacity. Invigorating and energizing, if consumed regularly, the spirulina alga can help to fight stress and increase concentration levels. It enhances the health of skin, hair and nails thanks to the antioxidants it contains, which slow down the anti-ageing process. Due to the phenylalanine present spirulina acts in the nervous system to reduce hunger and increase the sense of fullness.




Thanks to its high content of nutrients, spirulina is used from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Spacial Agency (ESA) too, as one of the main food during long space missions. Moreover if taken regularly by high-level athletes it enhances their performances. It has been proved that it helps to reduce the recovery times and to reinforce defenses.


It is one of the food with the highest level of nutrients in the world. It has circa 2800% beta-carotene more than carrots, 3900% iron more than spinach and 280% antioxidants more than blueberries. Proteins with a high biological value (up to 70% in dry weight). This parameter is evaluated according to the presence of essential amino-acids (amino-acids which are not produced from our body and necessarily have to be introduced in the diet). Spirulina has all the 8 essential amino-acids (phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, valine). Essential fatty acids: omega 3 and omega 6, which contrasts the cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Vitamins: A, D, K and group B vitamins. Mineral salts: iron, sodium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iodine and potassium.

The benefits of

The amazing super spice

It is easy to distinguish turmeric due to its intense colour and particular scent. The ayurvedic medicine has used it for thousands of years. It is a spice rich in beneficial properties and good for your health. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing the inflammation in the body, in particular the mechanisms linked to joints. It has a purifying function since it facilitates the gastric activity and helps to eliminate toxins. It is also considered an antioxidant because it fights the free radicals. It is excellent as a cardiovascular protector, facilitating blood thinning, improving blood circulation and helping to regulate cholesterol. Turmeric absorption by the intestine is considerably higher (up to 2000 times more) when it is consumed together with black pepper.



A natural healing spice

The fresh rhizome can be put on wounds, rashes and insect bites

A fat burning spice

It stimulates the body to release and use the accumulated fats and helps the liver to better metabolized the fats introduced during meals

It improves memory

It improves the power of the brain to heal itself and increase the memory functions


Its name comes from the Indian-Persian language and namely from the word Kour Koum, meaning “saffron”. As a matter of fact turmeric is known as the “Saffron of the Indies”. The plant is considered a symbol of prosperity and believed to bring good fortune. Until recently, in certain areas, young brides would dye their hair with this intense yellow powder on their wedding day.


Rich in minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, selenium, manganese and copper) and precious vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin c and vitamins E, K, J), the attention is focused on curcumin, of which recent studies have proved its antitumor properties. Curcumin is a polyphenol, which introduced even in small amounts in a balanced diet, helps to lower cholesterol, prevent diabetes and regulate the production of fatty cells in our body.

Energy for the metabolism

It helps to eliminate fats and water and to accelerate metabolism.


It purify the body from wastes and toxins.

It relieves nausea

It is highly appreciated for nausea during pregnancy, car and sea sickness.

the extraordinary properties of

The roots for all benefits

With a slightly spicy taste similar to lemon, it is a real balm for your health and diet. Ginger is incredible for all-round with antitumor, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying qualities, it is good for the stomach and can even provide painkiller effeccts. It helps to eradicate, and also prevent, cold and sore throat. It is an ally for weight loss as  consuming ginger limits sugar absorption and acts as a diet aid thanks to its thermogenic properties. Ginger helps your body to produce more heat and so it increases metabolism, burning more fats and calories.




In ancient times, Indian would chew ginger to purify their breath before religious ceremonies. Indeed, with a purified mouth they could sing and talked to Gods.In Arab medicine, it is considered to be aphrodisiac. While in African, some people believe that eating ginger regularly can also prevent mosquito bites.


Ginger is made from more than 300 chemical elements including essential oils, pectin, phenols and antioxidants, each of them with a beneficial effect on the body. Ginger is very effective to fight gastric infections, nausea, vomiting, neuralgias, and circulatory dysfunctions.An excellent, digestion-aiding drink with tonic and antioxidant properties.

The effect of 

The spiciness that turns on your well-being

The Habanero is a particular kind of highly spicy chili pepper. It is capsaicin, the substance responsible for the spiciness, which carries many of the main beneficial effects. An analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it alleviates pain with a similar effect to that of conventional pain killers. It stimulates blood circulation, blood fluidity and reduces cholesterol levels in blood. It helps you to feel full more quickly and it increases metabolism, to burn fats more rapidly.



It accelerates metabolism

It boosts metabolism burning fats and calories.

A natural pain killer

It reduces the effects of the pain receptors present in our body.


It stimulates the production of collagen. It makes skin more elastic and younger.


Habanero is a highly spicy chili pepper, known with the scientific name of Capsicum chinense. t is mainly cultivated in the Mexican region of Yucatan, though its name is more reconnected to the Cuban capital Havana. The legend tells that indeed some Cuban exiles brought the first seeds in Mexico, supporting the hypothesis that this chili pepper is in fact original from Cuba.


The presence of vitamin C, antioxidants (in particular flavonoids) and carotenoids (forerunners of vitamin A) in the Habanero pepper is really important. However the leading role is made by capsaicin, a rubefacient, which  increases a greater blood flow to the body.

Menta piperita
Ottima da bere

viene consigliata per le sue proprietà digestive e tonificanti


Il mentolo contenuto nelle foglie rende le bevande piacevolmente dissetanti

Proprietà analgesiche

la menta può quindi essere utilizzata per combattere nausea e vomito.

i benefici della

La foglia dal profumo intenso e aromatico

Per via dei principi attivi contenuti nella menta, ad essa vengono attribuite proprietà cicatrizzanti e disinfettanti. È utile in caso di disturbi gastro-intestinali, aiuta il funzionamento del fegato e favorisce la digestione. Contiene mentolo, vitamina C, sostanze antibiotiche, limonene e isovalerianato. Il mentolo che essa contiene è considerato un vasodilatatore per la mucosa nasale.

Menta small




Il Mojito, il noto cocktail a base di menta, rum, zucchero di canna, lime e acqua tonica, è stato inventato in un bar di L’Avana, La Bodeguita del Medio, frequentata molto da Hernest Hemingway che amava particolarmente questo cocktail e che ne ha decretato il successo. Il piccolo ristorante, che si trova oggi nel centro della città, è una frequentata meta turistica.


La menta è rinfrescante e aiuta nella digestione . Strofinata sui denti aiuta a prevenire e a combattere l’alitosi. Il mentolo contenuto nella menta ha proprietà che stimolano l’attività gastrica; è quindi un valido alleato contro i problemi di degestione.
Il mentolo, inoltre, ha proprietà analgesiche ed antiemetiche; la menta può quindi essere utilizzata per combattere nausea e vomito.

le proprietà del 

Antiossidante naturale dal gusto unico

Al variare del colore cambia leggermente anche le proprietà, restando sempre un frutto assolutamente utile e salutare.
Spesso è presente in diete, consigli alimentari, propositi di chi vuole dimagrire o restare in forma. Ma anche di chi si vuole gustare la vita perché è buono e virtuoso.
Le piccole bacche, al di là del colore, sono quasi magiche: sono infatti dotate di un enorme quantitativo di sostanze antiossidanti, in grado quindi di prevenire patologie cardiovascolari, proteggere dai tumori e addirittura ritardare il naturale processo di invecchiamento.

Duva mirtillo



Riavvolge il tempo

I mirtilli hanno una buona quantità di antiossidanti da rallentare il processo di invecchiamento cellulare.

È un eccellente brucia grassi

I mirtilli attivano i geni brucia grassi nelle cellule adipose addominali: sono quindi straordinari alleati nella lotta contro il peso.

Può migliorare la memoria

L'antocianine, un potente antiossidante, che dona al mirtillo il suo caratteristico colore violaceo e bluastro, è anche un alleato della memoria.


In Italia il mirtillo nero è un arbusto che si trova con facilità su tutto l’Appennino settentrionale e sulle Alpi e cresce al di sopra dei 1000 m. È una pianta che resiste bene al gelo dell’inverno anche se può soffrire per le gelate e le grandinate, mentre nei mesi estivi le radici possono patire l’eccessiva siccità.


Secondo alcune recenti ricerche effettuate negli Stati Uniti, queste piccole bacche, sarebbero dotate di un enorme quantitativo di sostanze antiossidanti, in grado quindi di prevenire patologie cardiovascolari, proteggere dai tumori e addirittura ritardare il naturale processo di invecchiamento. Dunque hanno un duplice scopo: da una parte rappresentano una fonte di alimento, dall’altra vengono utilizzate come medicamento.

It helps to burn fats 

The usual consumption eases fat reduction and prevents obesity and diabetys.

It controls mood swings 

Vitamin C and E, selenium and beta-carotene control mood swings and keep away depression.

It preserves youth

It combats the signs of ageing, it repairs skin from the damages of UVB rays.

The virtues of the juice of 

The natural “vaccine” against the seasonal diseases

Its active characteristic prepares the body to tackle the seasonal diseases. For colds, it has been said to have a similar effect to that of vaccines. The normal consumption of pomegranate reduces LDL cholesterol, preserves the elasticity of blood vessels and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to its drainage effect, it enhances the kidney functions, thus facilitating the eliminations of toxins. Moreover recent studies have proven that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice every day help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

OUR D’UVA 100%



One single pomegranate has almost the 20% of the entire daily requirement of vitamin C of an adult man. 100 g arils juice, the pomegranate seeds, has antioxidants twice that of the same amount of blackberries, three times that of blueberries and four times that of oranges. It is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac, at a similar level to chocolate.


It is one of the richest antioxidant. In particular it provides flavonoids, which help our body to stay healthy and prevent premature aging. It is a source of vitamins: especially vitamin A, C and E and group B vitamins. In autumn the precious vitamins it contains prevent seasonal diseases and strengthen the body. It contains also important mineral salts such as manganese, potassium, zinc, copper and phosphorous. The composition of this wonderful fruit is completed with water, sugars and fibres.