Everything starts with a dream

They say the greatest romances begin in summer, which is exactly how my story begins. It was the summer of 2009 and I was cycling the country roads of Essex, England, under a blanket of scorching summer sun. I was tired and needed something fresh to quench my thirst, so I decided to stop by a local shop. The “Smoothies” immediately grabbed my attention, I fell in love at first sip. I was drawn in by the taste, the integrity and the innovation of this product. I had to know more. After an insightful trip to a smoothie production plant in London, I knew what I had to do…

I returned to Italy with great memories and even better ideas. That summer started my dream: producing a natural, tasty and healthy drink.

Using the grapes from my vineyard by Lake Garda along with the freshest fruits and botanicals, I began my quest to combine flavours that could be enjoyed all over the world with a sustainable production process that would be kind to mother earth. After years of research and experiments, and thanks to the determination and professionalism of those who believed in this dream, we have perfected our cold press and high pressure processes. As a result, we preserve the entire freshness of the grape without the use of nasty chemicals while ensuring that you receive all of the nutritional goodness of freshly pressed juice.

The result is absolutely innovative: D’UVA is a soft, simple and original juice drink with a full flavour and high nutritional power. The result is D’UVA, a dream that came true!

  • Matteo


    Producing grape juice is a passion for me, but also a family tradition.

  • Enrico


    I love my countryside and the idea of an agriculture with an endlessly repeated loop of seasons and cycles, hypostasis of the sustainability concept, an always valid metaphor of life and its times.